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Voices from the Edge

Voices from the Edge:
Life Lessons from the Cancer Community

This presentation is based on Michael's highly acclaimed book of the same name. A book that prompted Larry King from CNN to write: "A really powerful and very important book, with life lessons for everybody. Five stars!" Again, referring to the book, Ken Blanchard, coauthor of The One Minute Manager and Gung Ho!, said: "This is a compelling book that moves your heart. Read it and share it with others!"

The "Edge" in the title refers to a place - not a street corner or cliff top anywhere on this planet, but a place in the minds and hearts of people who have met death face to face and lived to think about it. Those who visit this edge gain new vision, a new love for life in its most brilliant and enchanting detail. They experience clearly its music and colors and scents and wonders, the daily miracles that were always there, but which, like most of us, they previously took for granted.

As a breast cancer survivor, Michael is one of the "voices." He's been to the edge, looked around, and has returned to share the lessons he and his fellow travelers have learned.

Inspirational, entertaining, and profoundly genuine, this collection of very personal stories delivers smiles, tears, and quiet reflection, but, most of all, it leaves the audience with a lingering appreciation for the fact that the living part of life is captured in moments - not years.

Here's what participants gain from this session:

  • Creating Community with Laughter
  • Striping off the Mask of Fear
  • How to Be Your Own First Opinion
  • Maturity is Not an Issue of Age
  • Learning How to Get Off the Bench & Become A Player


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