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sur•vi•vor /noun: a survivor is anyone --- of this life or beyond --- who has faced adversity and, by example, demonstrates the positive strength and energy that flows from hope, encouragement, and perpetual spirit.

Why was it caught in time, this cancer? Why? Why am I here? Age old question with a new twist. I could have died, perhaps, statistically, I should have died. But, here I am. I can’t believe (choose not to believe) that the universe is random. Things DO happen for a reason. The path is usually right in front of us but we keep mucking up the view, making it harder than it needs to be. One thing is certain, I feel an obligation; a welcome and humble obligation to live life just a bit fuller --- okay, a whole lot fuller. I take care of myself even better than before my cancer diagnosis. I take chances, not foolish physical chances but chances outside my comfort zone. Chances that allow me to grow, to experience, to…be. You know, the woulda, couldas, and shouldas of life. I’ve left Walter Middy to dream in the easy chair while I DO things.

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Previous Survivorship Events:

  • The Regional Cancer Center, Erie, PA
  • Vail Breast Cancer Awareness Group, Vail, CO
  • St. Judes Children’s Research Hospital, Memphis, TN
  • Integris Baptist Medical Center, Oklahoma City, KS
  • Patient Advocate Foundation, Washington, DC


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