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The Mountain Doesn't Care!

The Mountain Doesn't Care!
Leadership and Teamwork as Survival Skills

Endless hours of trekking over an icy glacier crisscrossed with echoless crevasses; pick-axing your way up steep and slippery slopes; stopping for breath-taking moments of exhilaration; climbing over fragile rock; and navigating through deadly but beautiful whiteouts…

Just another day for a mountaineer ascending the beckoning and taunting peaks of Alaska --- or today's executive, sales manager, administrator, production supervisor, or front-line operator moving in the exciting but potentially treacherous hills and valleys of today's fast-paced organizations. Either way, it takes skill, courage, planning, proper equipment, stamina, teamwork, and strong leadership to make it to the top, enjoy the view, and stay there as long as you wish.

Mountains, problems, and opportunities exist independent of your desires --- they are neutral. It is your conscious interaction with your physical and social environment that determines success or failure.

Blending his passion for adventure with his twenty-five years of experience as a leader in the fields of business, health, and personal development, Michael delivers lessons learned from life, business, and the tops of mountains.

Here's what participants gain from this session:

  • Concrete Skills on How to Take Advantage of Adversity
  • What to do Immediately When you Turn the Corner and Face a "Whiteout"
  • The Ability to Differentiate Between a Crack and Crevasse
  • How to Manage One "Rope" … Harnessing Many Talents
  • The Last Fifty Yards are the Toughest: Learn the Art of Slow and Steady


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