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What Would Mickey Say?

What Would Mickey Say?

What Would Mickey Say?

by Michael Hayes Samuelson, MA

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What Would Mickey Say? introduces the influence of sports and athletic heroes on men. Set in a company cafeteria, the book follows six men, all members of the company softball team, as they discuss such topics as drugs, alcohol, aging, raising kids, sex, and a host of other real life concerns. As is often the case in real life, these discussions are facilitated by events reported from the world of sports, politics, and entertainment. The conversations reveal ignorance, bravado, fear, embarrassment, and, at times, surprising sensitivity and intelligence; they are meant to be authentic depictions of what men think and what they discuss. Observing the men from the sidelines, and invisible to all but the reader, are Mickey Mantle and the virtual Professor Edwards from the local university. Mantle, having learned much from his own poor lifestyle choices, provides commentary and advice to the reader on the health issues that the men discuss, while the professor helps to clear up popular misconceptions. The slightly unusual format of the book addresses the issue of men's health in a palatable, easy to read manner that fills an often ignored niche in the word of health books.


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