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Michael Samuelson, Former President and CEO of The Health & Wellness Institute, is an internationally recognized authority in the areas of healthcare economics, health & wellness, leadership, teamwork, and human performance. He is also a cancer survivor. Michael is one of few men to be diagnosed with breast cancer. Told he’d never regain full use of his arm, he asked if he could climb a mountain. He was told that while it was possible, the chances of success were slim. Michael responded by trekking across an Alaskan glacier and climbing two mountain peaks – thereby turning possibility into reality. The following year he climbed 18,000’ to the base camp of Mt. Everest In 2006, he reached the 19,344’ summit of Mt. Kilimanjaro in East Africa. He speaks about the power of the possible; about defying the odds; and how to build strong support systems. These lessons are valuable not only in personal life but also in business life. Whether you are an individual looking for Inspiration from a cancer survivor or an executive looking for a powerful presentation for your next meeting, this site is it! Just click through the site to see what best fits your needs.

Move the Mountain...Or, Guide the Pilot? Mt. Everest

Can Your Team Manage the Ice Falls or Will They Fall In the 
       Crevasse? Mt. Everest


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