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High Performance Balance

High Performance Balance:
Effectively Balancing Work, Home, & Community

Deadlines, quotas, career development, personal enrichment, little league games, soccer practice, and dance recitals. These are all elements of life that, when managed well, bring us great satisfaction and a self-renewing flow of positive energy. However, without support, perspective, and the ability to realistically recognize the feathered edges that separate what is possible from what is not, we place our families, organizations, and communities in jeopardy. And, oh yes, we put ourselves on a path scattered with obstacles; anyone of which can cause us to stumble and collapse on all fronts. Some of the obstacles of our own construct; however, many are simply there and require our full attention and precise navigation.

In this multimedia presentation you will learn practical techniques for handling the stressful situations that you encounter every day. Once you do, you'll be able to get the best out of any circumstance --- regardless of the cause. Attendees will discover the warning signs of excessive stress; how stress impacts their lives; and how they can take positive steps to minimize the negative effect it can have on their ability to function at work, home, and in their communities. The presentation contains practical problem solving techniques and stress-reducing exercises that will help individuals take control of their lives.

High performers collect data, evaluate probabilities, latch onto possibilities, harness trusted resources, trust their gut instincts, and move forward with a clear picture of success --- independent of consensus judgments. Consider the following popular opinions and reflect on the power of the possible and the impact of attitude:

As the author of multiple relaxation & productivity programs used by millions of Americans; a former CEO; a cancer survivor; and a mountaineer, Michael knows about the importance of balance; the power of the possible; about defying the odds; and how to build strong support systems. He's been there…and back.

Here's what participants gain from this session:

  • A New View of Conflict
  • Nine Steps to Conflict Resolution
  • Ten Steps to a Guaranteed Breakdown --- Warning Signs
  • What's Out of Balance & How Do I Fix It?
  • The Changing Workforce


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