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Michael Hayes Samuelson

Michael Hayes Samuelson Michael is the President & CEO for The Health & Wellness Institute (HWI). He currently leads business development activities for HWI and provides strategic consultation during the product development process. Prior to forming HWI, Michael was the Vice President of Health & Wellness Services for Blue Cross & Blue Shield of Rhode Island (BCBSRI).

For more than 25 years, Michael was the President and CEO of The National Center for Health Promotion, a health and productivity consulting organization he co-founded in 1977. Over the years NCHP earned a reputation as an international leader in the design and delivery of disease management, training, leadership and health promotion systems. As President and CEO, Michael led his marketing team in providing services to over 1,000 corporations and 800 medical centers. In addition, he directed a program of professional development and training for over 4,500 individuals throughout the US, Canada, and Japan. Michael is widely published and is a frequent director, consultant, and advisor to numerous prestigious boards and organizations including The Men’s Health Network, The Business Innovation Factory, The HERO Forum for Optimal Employee Health, The Lance Armstrong Foundation and The Department of Defense. In addition, he has written and contributed to corporate policies for several major US corporations. A graduate of the University of Michigan with a MA degree in Education, he is a frequent guest lecturer for a number of UM departments. Michael has appeared on over 200 television and radio stations throughout North America and has been interviewed by numerous print publications including Newsweek, USA Today, and The Wall Street Journal. His work in the area of behavior change, health economics and healthcare consumer advocacy has been featured on the ABC News program, 20/20, The CBS Morning Show, CNN, and MSNBC. Michael serves on a number of national cancer boards and, at the request of former President George H. W. Bush, is a Member of C-Change. C-Change is comprised of the nation's key cancer leaders from government, business, and nonprofit sectors.

"Michael…You are among a very select group of distinguished leaders, scientists, activist, and public figures..."
–George H. W. Bush, Former President of The United States

"Your presentation was truly inspiring and made a significant contribution to the resounding success of the summit [Steps to a Healthier US – Keynote Address] by providing insights and valuable information to our audience."
–Richard H. Carmona, MD, US Surgeon General

"What a marvelous inspirational book you have put together -- it is so touching as one reads each story. However, I am not surprised after meeting you and hearing you speak..."
–Mrs. Betty Ford, Former US First Lady


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